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About Turko Kebab Northwood

Turko Kebab is a kebab takeaway in Northwood which is gaining popularity since the day it was opened for people living in and around this city. In order to attract more and more customers to our outlet we tried our best to select the best methods and ingredients to prepare our dishes. We also allowed our customers to place their takeaway orders online so that they have to come tour restaurant only for collecting their order when suggested by us. But to make it more convenient for the field workers we have released our apps in recent past. They can download these apps from App store or Google Store on their mobile phone or laptop to place their order from wherever they are.

Turko Kebab Northwood Restaurant

In order to collect your takeaway order you will have to find Turko Kebab, a kebab takeaway, in Northwood. But it was easy to find us due to our very convenient location at 79a Joel Street, Northwood, HA6 1LW which is very popular in this region. The increasing reputation of our outlet has also enabled local residents to guide people finding us to reach us easily to collect their order. You can also use means of local transportation system to reach us anytime. But if you are using your own vehicle for this purpose then you can use Google maps to reach us easily.
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